Post-jam version #3 is now LIVE with better balancing!
For more info, check out our devlog!


Welcome to DIEmunition!

The shooter-platformer where you use dice as your platforms… and your ammunition!

Survive by jumping on the falling dice platforms and shooting enemies. But be careful – your gun has no ammo! The only way to shoot is to stand on a die to use the dots on its face as ammunition.

Watch out! Once a die’s bullets are used up, it disappears, leaving you vulnerable to the acid below!

"A great arcade thrill-ride" – Mark Brown, Game Maker's Toolkit


Shoot while standing on DICE for special effects:

BULLET DICE to fire bullets

HEART DICE to regain health

POWER-UP DICE to fire heavy artillery



  • Shoot dice while they are falling to lock in their value!
  • Your positioning matters! Careful where you are shooting from.
  • Use your double jump!



WASD / Arrow keys
W / Up / Space Jump + Double Jump
Left ClickShoot



We are Jamadoo Games:

Zachary Richman – Director
MatheusCunegato – Programmer
Kira– Programmer
Fartfish (Adam Chean-Udell) – Pixel Artist, Animator
Amorphous – Pixel Artist, Animator
CWeed420 – Music, SFX
Leko – Additional Support

All assets created by us.

Development log


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Awesome game!  Highscore was 7600.  The game really took off when I realized you didn't have to be standing on a block to use its ammo, you could pick up a missile and then jump away and use it, for instance!  Excellent work!

(2 edits) (+2)

This is so much fun! My highest score was 6900, (unintentionally).

I found some advanced tricks you can do to make the most of the dice.

The first thing is using bullets form a dice that has another die falling onto it, if you jump to the side and use all the bullets, the dice will still stack on top. This can get the most out of the bullets.

Another tip is if you are on top of a die that is falling, you can use the bullets on the lower side, meaning if timed correctly, you can shoot way more bullets without breaking the die.

Edit: Also, I was able to fall out of the map.


This was a very fun and innovative concept. Great job!

(2 edits) (+1)

an amazing high-action game, a great game to fill out some spare time. Though I will note that you can softlock yourself on the reload screen if you leave it running.

Or get trapped beneath the acid without taking damage, which also softlocks you.

Reloading the page erases your high score, which is a problem because you can get softlocked fairly often.

I enjoy this game a lot! 

Here's the bugs I found:

-The player can stand outside of the map from certain areas

-The player can sometimes stand on the side of a die tower

-If a die tower stacks too high, newly spawned die will stack overlapping other die

-Using missle or heart blocks while the die is airborne consumes the die without granting its effect.

-Way way unbalanced enemy to die ratio around 7000 and above


Love this game, been playing all day!

Some feedback after post-jam version #1

- enemies still take hits after death, wasting ammo
- Single Shot tiles feel like they're too frequent
- I don't like the gun being held on the floor, it makes it difficult to shoot parallel enemies when you've got a lot of blocks stacked as a strategy
- I keep clicking outside of the game window when I get close to the edges, and then lose focus and the game messes up. Maybe adding black bars to the game window could help. 
- I can't use rocket, bomb, or health blocks while they are falling
- I can use bullet blocks while they're falling, but which face I draw ammo from seems inconsistent
- jumping into falling blocks feels bad and doesn't feel like it's very avoidable by skill
- Sometimes I can't jump, seemingly while standing on a block that's falling or depleted
- It's difficult to tell whether or not I can stand on a particular level of blocks and not be damaged by the toxic waste
- would be cool to have a mechanic to lower the waste if you get one of each number on a layer of blocks

I installed the game from this page, and when I click launch I get a green screen saying: "Hey there!

Thanks for the interest in our game! If you're seeing this, our game was reuploaded here without our permission.

Support the devs by trying the game on"

And a link which reroutes me to THIS page..? Very confusing. I really love how your game looks and want to play it though. Somebody help..? ':D

I realised the issue. One more problem with the desktop app. It wouldn't link me to the website to play, but tried to get me to download it instead. All working now! Hopefully it helps somebody else to know that you have to open it in your browser! 

Deleted 132 days ago

if you go too high you can go off the edge of the screen and get stuck, but at least you don't die

ok well now I'm just off the edge with like 100 enemies on the screen and none of them can hit me


Awesome game design and polish. I enjoyed playing!


Hey super cool gameplay! It gets super hard very quick, but I liked it! Do you plan to keep developing it?

Thanks for the compliment! We haven't discussed whether or not we want to develop it further yet