Are you ready to get... Beswitched?

Who's that floating like a platform? Leaping like a frog? Shooting like a tank? Why, it's you, of course!

Welcome to Beswitched. A puzzle-platformer where you can swap the properties of your character with the properties of the objects and enemies around you. Allowing you to change the physics and behaviours of what's in the level – yourself included!

When you can reverse the roles of whatever you want, how you tackle each level is up to you! Can you beat all 17?



To swap properties with an object or enemy, hold X or J, aim, and release.
(Note: You can do this in midair!)

Arrow Keys or WASDMove / Aim
X or J  (hold and release)Swap Properties
Z or Space
Use Action

We recommend pairing 'Arrow Keys + X' or 'WASD + J'


Stuck? Watch this walkthrough to see the dev-intended solutions:



We are Jamadoo Games:

Zachary Richman – Director
Frogrammer Programmer / Level Designer
Kira– Programmer / Level Designer
Fartfish (Adam Chean-Udell) – Pixel Artist / Animator
 Pixel Artist / Animator
Crase da Crise – Pixel Artist / Animator
CWeed420 – Music / SFX

All assets created by us.


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cute character and fun to play


The puzzles were fun and the art is very pretty! I liked how despite the frog property being a little unwieldy at first, it's limitations are less restrictive than the orthogonal movement of the tank or platforms. Getting the hang of swapping mid-jump was also really fun!

I had so much fun playing this one! The cat sprite is absolutely adorable, and the swapping mechanic is fun to mess around with. I didn't find the controls to be as difficult to pick up as others seem to have; I thought they were fairly intuitive. There are a few quirks with the collision when pressing the swap key next to a platform, but that was easy enough to play around. Also, somehow level 5 showed up after the "Thanks for playing" level, rather than in the normal progression? Not a big deal, just thought it was funny. Finally, the music was so catchy, I'm going to still be humming it for a while. Thanks for a great game!

wonderfull concept but bad execution, tank doesnt shoot accurutely and you easily get run over by platforms. When you die it sometimes feels like the games fault instead of yours. If you improve on this it could be a nice game.

Thanks for the feedback. This was made in 48 hours for a game jam, and the post-jam version will have many quality of life fixes for stuff like this. Hope you get a chance to play it again once it's out!


When I accidentally switched the frog properties to the platform I laughed out loud. Beautiful concept.

You should expand on this and release it as a full game.


What a nice and cute game! The concept is genius and art and music just wonderful, I could watch and listen to it all day.

The levels can get really frustrating though. The jumping mechanic you can steal from this enemy-thingy felt really hard to control, to a point I tried to avoid using it, because I never knew how high I would jump or if I'd slide off the moving platforms (which was especially annoying because I always died because of it >.<).

Sometimes I had the feeling of doing the levels wrong, because I didn't use all of the existing objects. I don't know if this was intended, but it felt a bit like cheating and as if I had discovered some new mechanic I shouldn't know yet. But I didn't know how to use them conversely...

I wasn't that sure of the hit box of the level-end-mark either, which made the last level really confusing because I didn't know if I'd make it without jumping.

However, I love the interaction of platforming and puzzles, and the possibility of doing more difficult platforming movement or investing some more time to do the puzzles tidier so the platforming stuff gets easier. (In the last level, for example, where you can drop the robot guy on the platform, or you can let it fall and try not to get smashed.)

thank you so much! very useful feedback, the frog jump will be definitely reworked into something more convenient for everyone :) and please don't feel like you're doing something wrong! there are multiple ways to beat levels and some extra things were added on purpose so everyone can have their own way


Cool game! I liked being able to switch abilities with others and having to mix them up and give certain objects different abilities to complete the level was a nice touch! Keep up the amazing work! Left a follow =) Your game starts at 5:58 in the video!

thanks a lot for playing!


This game is very impressive!! I love your puzzles!



如果能使用鼠标移动箭头并交换属性可能会更顺手 。


Google Translate:

I really like your game, it is number one in my mind! !

It might be easier to use the mouse to move the arrows and swap properties .

Really looking forward to more content, I will definitely buy it! ! !



(1 edit) (+1)

Neat game! The switching mechanic is unique! There’s a lot of thought that goes into what you need to switch into to get to the goal, which makes it very satisfying to get to the goal. I think I broke the level in two stages even so it was pretty cool to solve the puzzles in an unintentional way.

Some feedback: 

-There were some weird collision issues with the moving platforms. I would often get squished/clipped underneath while being to the left or right of them while they were moving. If anything I would expect them to push me.

-When I gave a platform the properties of a frog and stood on it, my character wouldn’t stay still and would often slip off, resulting in death.

Regardless, I still had a great time with the game. I would love to see an expanded version of this! Wonderful job on this!


thank you so much for your time and feedback, glad that you enjoyed the game :) will write down your notes


The jumping is pretty hard and moving is not as sticky. Overall great game!


How ever designed level 17, CURSE YOU! Took a bit, but I beat it. Fantastic job for 48 hours.


Awesome execution on this, puzzles are good, art is cute.

The skip button was a nice addition to have an opportunity to see all the levels.

Excellent overall !


Very adorable, fun puzzles, and a ton of content for the 48 hours. The skip button was very much appreciated to get to see all of the mechanics. 

Would love to see more!


This was really good. Clever puzzles, and it seemed like there were multiple ways of solving a lot of them, too, so great job on the design! Level 17 took me a while but it felt good to finally beat the game. 

One little thing that frustrated me a lot, however, was that whenever you're on top of a moving platform (and the platform has the tank role), if you're on the edge/corner, you end up getting shot by the platform. And in level 17, a shooting platform wouldn't fully break the rocks in the middle section (it would break the first, left side, rock but not the right side rock) because the wall was just a millimetre too low, and so was covering the shots. The second rock, right side, was able to break only when the shooting platform was in contact or extremely close to the rock.

Other than that, very satisfying to play, and had great fun. Well done, guys!


thank you so much! marked down your notes :)


Very unique and fun game, and I loved the art and music design so much! My favorite I have played so far.


very unique game concept, loved the puzzles, keep it up!


Incredible, we had so much fun playing this with friends. I think this is in my personal favourites of the Jam.


thank you so much that means a lot to us! hi to your friends


Fun game and great art and animations. Maybe would reccomend shift for the swap properties as its hard to turn right while using wasd


you can use "J" for that! or Arrow keys with Z/X

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Very creative idea. Also I have a soft spot for witches and playing as animals so you have sold me before I played twice. Also the song is very nice.

Expect a high rating from me!


hahah thank you!